What Should You Be Packing for Your Business Trip?

Travelling for business can range from a quick interstate trip to a complete relocation, but there are some items that will make every business trip a productive (and enjoyable) one. Whether you’re away for just one night in Brisbane or booking into serviced apartments in Melbourne for a long stay, don’t forget these corporate travel essentials.


Business cards

There are fascinating stories of travellers meeting new business partners on planes – in fact, one in five Virgin Atlantic travellers in a 2014 Hall & Partners survey said they had done business with someone they had met on a flight. Even if you prefer to snooze in your seat, it pays to have a handful of spare business cards tucked into a pocket as you head towards your travel destination.


Computer, charger and cables

You arrive at your client’s office and go to power up your presentation, only to realise that you’ve left your charger at home with 5% battery remaining… It’s an experience that every business traveller wants to avoid, so be sure to check that you’ve packed your computer, devices, portable charger, any international adaptors and charging cables before leaving home.


Comfortable business attire which doubles for casual

One of our favourite corporate travel tips is to wear comfortable pants or a skirt for your flight and to add a simple, tailored jacket before any meetings that day. Experienced travellers often pack clothing that can double as casual wear or business wear, such as a versatile silk shirt. It’s also worth packing an extra set of clothes and underwear in case your flight happens to be delayed!


Two pairs of shoes

Your work shoes may be suitable for a short flight and single business meeting, but if you have the chance to see the sights or to exercise while you’re away it’ll be wise to bring some comfortable walking or running shoes. Our long term accommodation in Brisbane and Melbourne is nestled within the city centres, offering the chance to get out and find fresh air – and some of the world’s best coffee!


Water bottle

It sounds simple enough, but staying hydrated is key to arriving at your important meetings ready to put your best foot forward. Remember to empty your water bottle while moving through airport security and fill up at any available water fountains, and you’ll never have to pay for overpriced bottled water again. Filtered water bottles will have the added advantage of purifying the water you drink.


The great news is that these travel essentials can easily fit into a carry-on or check-in bag if you pack with care. Rolling clothing will save space and minimise wrinkles, and placing socks into shoes will free up extra room in your suitcase.


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