What Does Your Luggage Say About You? Choosing the Right Luggage for Corporate Travel

Carry on or check in? Hard shell or soft? Leather or plastic?

There are almost as many options for luggage as the 100,000 flights that take off around the world each day, and your choice says a lot about you. If you’re on the search for the perfect bag or suitcase for your business trips, read through our handy guide before you buy.


A carry-on suitcase: For the nimble corporate traveller.

Hand luggage is ideal for a one-day or two-day business trip, whether you have a single meeting in Sydney or are booking into short term accommodation in Melbourne or Brisbane for the night. Carry-on bags will help you save you on baggage fees and save time. Slide your bag into the overhead compartment, put your feet up and relax knowing you won’t need to go anywhere near the luggage carousel when you arrive. Even better – you’ll be first in line for a taxi or Uber.

Brands to consider: Crumpler, Samsonite, Flylite.


A leather duffel bag: For the street-smart business traveller.

If your business travels often take you to more intrepid destinations or you prefer a little old-world charm, then look to a sophisticated leather duffel bag for your luggage purchase. A high-quality leather duffel is virtually indestructible and looks smart with the finest of corporate wear. Pair it with well-made leather shoes and you’ll be ready to take on the business world wherever you happen to be.

Brands to consider: R.M. Williams, Gucci, Ted Baker.


A check-in suitcase: For the traveller who’s in it for the long haul.

Setting off for a week or more? Then a check-in bag will be perfect for you. You’ll be able to open your case right up at your long term accommodation Melbourne or Brisbane and instantly find what you need. One of the biggest decisions will be between hard and soft shell suitcases. The former gives you great protection for your gear, while the latter will provide plenty of give for bulky contents or extra shopping. Retractable handles and low-profile wheels are a must to keep your baggage in great condition over time. One other thing is for sure – buying high quality will mean a more durable luggage choice and less risk of underwear ending up on the baggage carousel!

Brands to look for: Samsonite, Antler, American Tourister.


Convertible luggage: For the corporate traveller who’s ready for anything.

If you’re looking for a bag that can adapt to any business trip, then consider finding yourself a stylish convertible solution. There are super-lightweight backpacks that can be opened and packed like suitcases, which make ideal carry-on bags. Many have padded laptop and wheels to make your airport dashes a cinch. Look for lightweight luggage in solid block colours and streamlined designs to complement your professional outfits.

Brands to consider: Eagle Creek, Kathmandu, Osprey.


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