Tomorrow’s Sydney: Why Green Square is Set to Transform the City

Tomorrow's Sydney Why Green Square is Set to Transform the City

What once was an industrial area will soon be a bustling cultural centre with a density higher than that of New York City’s Manhattan. The Green Square project is soon to be Sydney’s newest town centre in over 100 years, with $540 million being invested over the next 10 years by the city and a $13 billion urban renewal construction.

Situated just two train stops from the airport and 20 minutes from the city, Green Square has been thoughtfully designed to provide a beautiful quality of life for local residents and visitors. The community has a brand-new sports stadium, public swimming pool and shared green spaces to look forward to, as well as renewed pedestrian areas and a multi-level public play tower. You’ll be able to visit the state-of-the-art underground Green Square Library, or visit the Joynton Avenue Creative Centre to join a community workshop. The plans incorporate clever nods to the area’s heritage ensuring there are delightful surprises around every corner; fruit trees to honour the area’s market garden history, a Rope Walk Park to reflect an old rope and cordage manufacturing site, and a community park called The Drying Green where wool was once laid out to dry in the sun.

One of the most impressive aspects of Green Square is its sustainable credentials – its town centre has a 6 Star Green Star – Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia, which is the highest possible rating. Environmentally conscious decisions have been made down to the smallest careful detail; from LED street lights, to urban water features that collect and reuse stormwater, to solar powered public artworks. It’s set to become a truly green city that shapes the way we approach urban design and community living.

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