The Complete Checklist for Your Next Corporate Event

You may be involved in event management as an event planner, or be tasked with creating the next corporate meeting for your company. Venue hire, guest lists and scheduling; where’s best to begin? To help you with the preparation for your next event, here’s a time-tested planning checklist to ensure your next corporate event goes off without a hitch.

  • Decide on your objective
    Before beginning, it’s wise to know the goal. The first step is to decide on exactly what the event is aiming to achieve, whether that’s sharing knowledge through a seminar, celebrating an important milestone or building teamwork within your organisation.
  • Choose the style of event
    By determining which event style will suit your objective, you’ll be able to tell your venue exactly what you need. You might be after a boardroom setup, a cocktail function, a stage for guest speakers or a U-shaped configuration for effective collaboration.
  • Settle on a budget
    Events of every size should have a budget set aside so that costs won’t blow out. Before you make any commitments set some time aside to outline a budget for your venue, catering, guest speakers and guest accommodation, as applicable.
  • Research venues and providers
    Rather than simply asking for ‘venue hire near me’, search instead for a venue that is easy for attendees to travel to where quality accommodation will be available and close by. In addition, look for a modern conference venue that has the technology and style to suit your event.
  • Choose a date and time
    The next step is to find a date and time that works best for your organisation, your guests, your venue and any service providers. Be sure to allow yourself as much time as possible so you can put plans in place, and notify attendees so they can plan for travel.
  • Build your attendee list
    Building your guest list is one of the most important aspects of any corporate function. You may be emailing invitations to a small number of attendees within your organisation, or promoting your product launch or other event through email marketing and social media.
  • Liaise with guest speakers
    If you plan to have guest speakers at your event, it’s imperative that you provide them with the details they’ll need to prepare. This might include supplying times and requirements for their presentations, checking which audio visual technology they might need and arranging accommodation.
  • Create a schedule
    As you move closer to the event date you’ll want to create a clear schedule so everyone knows what to expect. Create a detailed timeline of activities and presentations – and don’t forget that breaks like morning tea and meals are important so attendees can stay focused and engaged.
  • Finalise the venue, catering and tech details
    In the final weeks and days you’re sure to be checking on the small details that will ensure your event goes smoothly. Will you need WiFi connectivity, or projectors for the event? One last email or message to your attendees will ensure everyone knows what to expect and where to convene.

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