Punthill and Veriu on Sustainability

Veriu Group on Sustainability

More than ever before, hotel groups have a duty of sustainability in the services they provide for guests.

At Veriu Group we choose are brand partners and suppliers with great consideration. We align on our company values, one of which is Integrity as it relates to sustainability.

Urban Skin Care

Plastics are made from EcoPure®, an organic additive that causes plastic to biodegrade through a series of biological processes when disposed in a microbe-rich environment such as landfill.

All Urban Skin Care formulations are fortified with Oligogeline®. It is the core active ingredient High in Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and Manganese it forms a protective moisturising barrier to assist in maintaining optimal skin hydration and hair resilience.

Tote Bags

Made from eco-friendly non-woven material which is recyclable.

Calm & Stormy

We provide local, premium, sustainable drinks for our guests. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable and a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Purified by nature. Infused with minerals. Invigorated with bubbles. A tribute to Victoria’s Central Highlands. Calm & Stormy sparkling mineral water.

Rooftop Honey

Beekeepers with a vision of bringing bees back to the city and the suburbs of Melbourne. The aim is to be part a global effort to help save the honey bee from the various threats of disease and human habitation.

Business Cards

Printed on Envirocare 100% recycled paper.

New Creation Print

Our preferred printing partner New Creation Print have implemented a program to decrease the amount of plastic packaging waste produced. All items are delivered without shrink wrap and are a simply packed in cartons. New Creation Print also stock and print on Envirocare – 100% recycled paper which our business cards are printed on.


Recycled cardboard cover notebook spiral bound with paper made from stone and rock. No trees, no water, or bleach are used.

Water Bottles

Glass bottles for a cleaner taste and a sustainable material alternative to plastic.