Our Top Tips for Surviving Your First Business Trip

You’ve been briefed and you’ve been sent the details for your flight – now all that’s left to do is to prepare for your business trip. If this is your first time travelling for work, read through our tried-and-tested tips to ensure a successful journey.


Set your out-of-office reply

Now’s the time to speak with your colleagues and prepare your auto-reply messages. Set up a professional out-of-office email for your inbox, including an emergency contact for any problems that may arise. Are you likely to be less available on your work phone than usual? Add a voicemail greeting to let callers know that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible, and you’ll be able to focus completely on the meeting or job at hand.


Write a list and check it twice

Fail to prepare and you may as well prepare to fail. It’s wise to write up a list that you can check off and use again for each upcoming business trip, including clothing, toiletries and stationery. Most importantly, be sure to check that you’ve packed your charger, USB flash drives and important files and folders before leaving the office to avoid any embarrassing delays in front of potential clients.


Use your frequent flyers wisely

Will you be flying regularly for work? Ensure your employer sets you up correctly with frequent flyer points so you can make the most of those flights. It could make all the difference when you have the chance to return home early on a Friday night after that business deal has been wrapped up. You could even get some free personal flights or upgrades to first class, which will make that next holiday so much sweeter…


Book central and comfortable accommodation

Forget crummy old motels on loud highways. Serviced apartments in Melbourne or other destinations will make a long stay a complete pleasure when you can walk to cafes, bars, gyms and restaurants. If you can, book into accommodation that includes your own kitchen and laundry facilities so you can make your own meals and look your most polished without spending a fortune on hotel laundry services.


Pro traveller’s hint: You can secure special corporate rates on long and short term accommodation in Melbourne and Brisbane through the Punthill Corporate Travel Program.


Keep to your usual routine

A great way to get over jetlag is to maintain your regular routine as it suits your new time zone. That means waking when you normally would, exercising as you usually would (even if it’s a quick jog down the road between meetings), and keeping to your usual times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not only can this keep you more alert for your meetings, but it can also ease your transition when you arrive back home.


Give yourself enough time before and between meetings

Timing is key to arriving at your meetings cool, calm and collected rather than flustered. If you’re planning several meetings or presentations in a single trip, allow yourself enough time between work sessions for inner-city transit, to catch lunch and to hone your focus onto your next business interaction.


From booking long term accommodation in Brisbane or your city of arrival, to catching enough shut-eye each night, these few simple tips will ensure your work travel is successful and enjoyable.