Our Top Tips for Surviving Work Trips

Do you dread the moments you’re asked to travel for work? There are a few simple tricks that can make all the difference when you’re a corporate traveller, from booking spacious and well-equipped corporate accommodation in Melbourne or Brisbane to backing up your data regularly. Here are our tips for not only surviving your work trips – but actually looking forward to them!


Tip #1: Master living out of a suitcase

If you haven’t already, it’s time to become a pro at smart packing. Step one is to find the perfect suitcase which is durable, stylish and the ideal size for your length of stay. Step two is to refer to your work travel checklist to ensure you don’t leave anything behind. Step three is to learn how to roll your clothing to avoid wrinkles and save space. Step four is to arrive at your serviced apartments in Melbourne or Brisbane for a long stay and to smile because you have everything you need for your time away from home.


Tip #2: Stay healthy by cooking your own food
Eating out all the time is expensive and can quickly get tiresome. Break up your work trip by booking an apartment with a fully equipped kitchen so you can make your own breakfasts, prepare fresh lunches and enjoy a lazy night in without having to order greasy takeaway. As a bonus, you’ll know that you have a corkscrew and a wine glass to celebrate the end of a successful work week.


Tip #3: Use the opportunity to see the sights
Downtime is incredibly important when you’re away for work. There will be so much to experience within minutes of your Melbourne or Brisbane accommodation, so get out and about! See a film or musical, walk along the Brisbane or Yarra rivers, or catch up with that old friend you haven’t seen since high school in the city. Taking the time to relax and savour the good times will help you stay motivated, even on a long stay.


Tip #3: Back. Everything. Up.
We can’t stress this enough! If you’re travelling with your laptop and it gets damaged in transit, will you have a backup of that presentation or report at your fingertips? You can automatically and affordably back up important documents in the cloud these days through Google Drive or Dropbox, so make good use of the modern world and have a digital Plan B in place in case things happen to go awry.


Tip #4: Book into spacious accommodation

Whether you’re spending all day in soulless offices or have just come in on a long-haul flight, you’ll want your own space to stretch out and unwind in. Forget squishy hotel rooms with a poor excuse for a work desk, and ask your company to spend a similar amount on a studio or one bedroom apartment instead. You could have reliable WiFi and your own workstation to make life easier, plus modern open-plan living spaces to make your trip feel more like a holiday.


Tip #5: Register with Punthill for rewards

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