Melbourne Museum

Explore Melbourne Museum…

While you enjoy your stay at Punthill Apartments schedule a day trip to Melbourne Museum. Just a short 20-minute stroll from your inner-city apartment the award-winning museum is home to a permanent collection of eight galleries including one just for the kids!

A major feature of Melbourne Museum is the Bunjilaka, Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Bunjilaka holds Aboriginal cultural heritage items from a collection that is one of the most significant in the world. In addition to exhibition and performance spaces, there are private areas such as a Keeping Place where the community can meet and view their cultural heritage material.

Investigate Melbourne’s rich history in the Melbourne Story exhibition; be immersed in evocative stories and discover the icons and personalities that have shaped Melbourne since the early 1800s. Ride in a restored Luna Park Big Dipper carriage, explore life in 1890s Little Lon, relive memories from the Cole’s Book Arcade and rekindle the rock and roll days through AC/DC’s Angus Young’s costume.

Take a close look at bugs, from stick insects to red-back and funnel-web spiders in Bugs Alive! Wander through a living forest with resident wildlife inside the Forest Gallery at Melbourne Museum. Or take a journey into the mind and explore a world of emotions, thoughts, memories and dreams in The Mind exhibition.

Explore the Children’s Gallery, a fun and education space for one to eight year olds. Enjoy this special place for children, designed for self-directed learning through play, observation, enquiry, participation, discovery and reflection. Presenting live animals, actual-size replicas of turtles and objects in context such as emu eggs, the Children’s Gallery at Melbourne Museum aids children in making connections between themselves and their world. Children make comparisons between themselves and objects on display by touching, looking and listening.

While you are at the Melbourne Museum you can experience one of the world’s largest cinemas at IMAX Theatre Melbourne. IMAX is the world’s largest cinema format, with a screen up to eight stories high. Films, from documentaries to latest release movies, can be experienced in 2D or 3D.

Visit the Melbourne Museum Shops for a unique range of books, toys, games, as well as original, locally produced crafts and souvenirs you won’t find anywhere else. Relax at the Museum Cafe over a coffee and a bite to eat.

From the natural environment to culture and history, Melbourne Museum showcases Australian social history, Indigenous cultures, science and the environment. Open daily from 10am til 5pm Melbourne Museum is a must-see destination during your stay at Punthill Apartments.