How Uber Air Could Streamline Your Future Business Trips to Melbourne

If you’re tired of taking the bus, train or taxi to the airport – how about taking a flying car instead? Uber has announced that by 2023, travellers will have a rapid alternative to airport transport with an easy 10-minute trip between city and terminal. Melbourne has been chosen by the transport giant as the third official pilot city for the Uber Air program after Dallas and Los Angeles, all of which will soon see air taxis, or electronic vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft zooming above the suburbs. These cities have each seen significant traffic congestion in the past, and it’s expected that the air taxis could cut airport trips down to a matter of minutes. The 19-kilometre journey from your accommodation in Melbourne’s CBD, for example, could be reduced from an hour in peak traffic down to ten minutes. A trip from the inner suburbs or elsewhere in Melbourne could be even less, depending on location.

Cabins of the flying cars are planned to fit four passengers in total and a trip would cost about the same as an UberX trip, alighting and arriving at landing pads called “Skyports” on the tops of buildings. Test flights are scheduled to start in 2020, while commercial operations are set to begin in 2023.

We’re delighted to see this kind of program come alive in Melbourne, because the city is known for its innovation and embracing of technology. Imagine being able to catch an Uber Air from your Melbourne accommodation apartments with an affordable flight across the city. It’s certainly a glamorous way for business and leisure travellers to minimise their transit time, complete with stunning views and a sleek travel experience.

We can’t wait until the day that Punthill apartments in Melbourne has a Skyport within moments so our guests can sleep in just that little longer! Until 2023, travellers have ride sharing, taxis, trains and shuttles to get where they need to be. If you’re staying at our Flinders Lane, Little Bourke, Manhattan or Northbank apartment hotels in Melbourne’s CBD, then it can already be a simple case of booking an Uber or taking the bus. Melbourne’s Skybus shuttle (unfortunately not a flying bus – at this stage anyway) provides six services between Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport and Melbourne City, Southbank and Docklands, St Kilda and Frankston as well as the western and east suburbs. While it’s not quite the same as zooming to your flight in an air taxi, it certainly is quite a convenient solution.