Flying for Business? Skip Airplane Sickness with Our Top 5 Tips

Flying for Business Skip Airplane Sickness with Our Top 5 Tips

Sickness and business travel certainly don’t mix. The last thing anyone needs is to become unwell on a plane, whether it’s from travel motion sickness or picking up germs from the person sitting next to you. Follow these five easy tips and you’ll be far better prepared to ward off any unwanted sickness on your business trips.

Tip 1: Perfect your seat placement

By choosing your seat well you could enjoy a smoother flight and reduce your chances of feeling unwell as you travel. Seats over the wings and towards the centre of the plane tend to be the best choice for those who suffer from motion sickness. Once you’re on the plane, open up the air vents if possible so you’ll have as much fresh air coming your way as possible. Rather than reading which can destabilise your inner ear, it’s a great idea to choose music or a movie to keep your head upright and balanced.

Tip 2: Stay hydrated

Hydration is important for our cardiovascular system, digestive system, temperature regulation and any number of other factors. To stay hydrated, tuck a water bottle into your seat pocket and sip regularly, or flag down a flight attendant for regular cups of water. If you are prone to dehydration, then sipping on a low-sugar electrolyte drink can be a smart move. Staying hydrated may also mean minimising your alcohol consumption on flights. While a white wine with your meal probably won’t hurt, having a few drinks could dehydrate you further and leave you feeling under the weather.

Tip 3: Keep your hands clean

Airports and airplanes have plenty of surfaces that can spread contagious pathogens – think door handles, tray tables, seatbelt buckles and buttons. Wash your hands thoroughly whenever possible in transit, and you’ll be keeping your risk of catching something nasty to a minimum. It’s also wise to be mindful about only touching your face, mouth, nose and eyes with clean hands, as this can be one of the easiest ways to pick up nasty viruses.

Tip 4: Carry antibacterial wipes or gel

Let’s face it – with thousands of people travelling through airports, it’s easy for bacteria to spread from one unwell person to a healthy one. It’s a great idea to carry antibacterial wipes so you can sanitise your hands after the security screening process, as many hands pass over the same surfaces here every day. You might also like to wipe down surfaces when you get on the plane including remote controls and tray tables, just in case cleaning staff didn’t have time to disinfect these areas.

Tip 5: Nourish your body

It’s so easy to get tired and run down while travelling for business and you can’t always eat healthily, so it can be a great idea to address any vitamin deficiencies you might have before you set off. Eat fresh and healthy food as much as you can, for example choosing fruit salad rather than a muffin option if provided by cabin crew. Get plenty of sleep before you leave, too, and you’ll be glad for it when you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and energetic.

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