6 Ways to Get Back into The Swing of Work After the Summer Holidays

6 Ways to Get Back into The Swing of Work After the Summer Holidays

Feel like you need a holiday from your holiday? Between family catch-ups, long drives, overindulging and all those long afternoon naps, being relaxed can feel exhausting! These six time-tested strategies will have you getting back into the swing of work in no time.

Allocate a rest day in between play and work.

It’s hard to switch immediately from holiday mode to work, so why not plan a day to catch up before you head back to the workplace? This gives you 24 hours of freedom to unpack, tidy up the house, get your week organised or simply catch up on sleep. It can be a wonderful way to take on the work world again.

Ease your way back into your regular workday.

We get it – the pile of emails in that inbox is overwhelming and everything needs your attention! Get started by writing a list of what needs to be done, and cross off the easiest things first. You’ll feel you’ve achieved something without getting trapped in the details, and in a day or two you’ll be ready to tackle the more complex projects or problems.

Catch up with your colleagues.

One of the quickest ways to get up to speed with work issues is to catch up with colleagues around a quick coffee or an after-work gathering on the first day back. This gets everyone started for the new working year as a team, and updates you on any important news or changes that might relate to your role.

Put your hand up for any work trips you can…

Travelling for work is still travelling! Plus with Punthill’s corporate travel program you can be confident you’ll be staying in modern serviced apartments in central city locations. Whether it’s a couple of days away from the office or a long term stay in Melbourne or Brisbane, it’s bound to be a fun way to get back to work.

Reset your body clock.

Naps, travel and disrupted routines can mean a lot of lost sleep throughout summer holidays, and that can take its toll as we all return to work. It might sound simple, but paying a little attention to the old body clock can do a lot of good. That means lots of quality sleep, early nights and setting the alarm at a regular time to help re-adjust to the working routine.

Book another holiday, stat.

Go on…you know you want to! The best way to get over those post-holiday blues is to start looking forward to your next getaway. Check out ideal serviced apartments in Melbourne and Brisbane’s CBDs, including Flinders Lane, Little Bourke Street and Spring Hill apartments.