6 Business Event & Meeting Trends: What to Expect in 2020

Think of a business conference, and you might think of hard plastic chairs and stifled yawns. But with a rapidly changing technological landscape and a change in the approach to meetings, these events are becoming a whole lot more interesting. Here are the biggest trends to expect in 2020 when it comes to planning business meetings and events.

  1. Wellness-inspired meetings
    While corporate events aren’t known for their health benefits, there is a growing awareness of the importance of mental and emotional wellbeing. As such, there are more brands and businesses bringing wellness-inspired aspects to their events. This ranges from yoga and mindfulness sessions as each conference day begins, to providing a holiday-style getaway for guests so they can incorporate work and rest.
  2. Faster and more reliable Wi-Fi
    It’s a pet peeve of event planners everywhere that Wi-Fi is often slow, unreliable or patchy where it should be strong and fast. There is little worse than standing up in front of a crowd only to have a crucial video fail to load. While it’s always important to have a Plan B for every presentation, the good news is that with the proliferation of the NBN and imminent roll-out of 5G technology, reliable Wi-Fi is now becoming the norm in function rooms in Brisbane, Melbourne and beyond.
  3. New use of sharing technologies
    With new technology comes the chance to share your events with a greater audience. One trend we’ve seen picking up in 2019 and 2020 is the use of virtual reality and other technologies in business events. For example, reliable Wi-Fi allows planners to live stream their event to remote audiences who might not even be in the same country. These videos can be recorded and shared further, providing fresh content and a chance to keep conversations going.
  4. More relaxed and welcoming venues
    The approach to physical meeting spaces is changing too. According to IACC’s latest global Meeting Room of the Future report, the most important physical elements of a meeting room are broadband, meeting room acoustics and lighting. Soft furnishings and natural light help people to feel relaxed and focused, providing a quality environment for creative thinking and long term learning. Planners are also requesting more flexible spaces, where furniture can be moved around as needed.
  5. Sustainable measures
    It’s become expected that a brand or business will consider the environmental footprint of its conferences and events. There are a variety of ways that an event can be made more sustainable; from choosing a well-designed venue with natural lighting, to selecting function rooms that are close to public transport options, to trying to minimise waste when it comes to catering and beverages. We anticipate this will only become more important in 2020 and beyond.
  6. A greater focus on attendee experience
    While business events have always been geared towards keeping the audience interested and engaged, there has recently been greater focus on creating a cohesive experience for the attendees. This means strong branding from the very first interaction, through to providing quality accommodation for guests that suits the style of the event. Businesses are looking to work with venue hire in Melbourne and Brisbane that provides a consistently high standard and something extra for its guests.

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