5 Ways to Use Your Accommodation to Minimise Jetlag on Your Business Trip

Travelling for work can be productive, fulfilling and exciting – but unfortunately it can come with a side order of jetlag! If you often find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night on your corporate stays, there are a few techniques you can try. Here’s how to minimise the effects of jetlag at your serviced apartments in Melbourne, Brisbane or wherever you happen to be staying.

  1. Make the most of your block-out blinds, lamps and alarm clock.
    Circadian rhythms can be complex, but we can give our bodies a helping hand by waking up and getting to sleep at regular times to adjust to the new time zone. Dusk can be a particularly important time to be outside or near a window, as our pineal gland releases the sleep hormone melatonin as the light fades for the day. Aim to keep lights soft and low in the evening with lamps to support a quality sleep.
  2. Cook up healthy meals with lean proteins and vegetables.
    Long flights can cause havoc on our bodies and digestive systems, and fatty or carb-heavy foods can often make us feel even sleepier. To help your system adjust to your new surroundings, it can be invaluable to stay in serviced apartments in Brisbane, Melbourne or your destination city so you can cook up fresh meals using lean meat, legumes and fresh vegetables.
  3. Unpack properly and make yourself at home.
    Although unpacking might not have a physical effect on jetlag, it can certainly save your sanity – particularly when we’re talking about a long stay. Space can make all the difference to how well you relax into your trip. Choose accommodation in Melbourne or Brisbane CBD with a separate bedroom and living area, and you’ll be able to unpack your belongings and keep things uncluttered. Tidy space, tidy mind!
  4. Keep your body moving.
    Anything that keeps your routine will help you to ward off jetlag, and that includes physical activity. Jump in the hotel’s swimming pool for a few laps, sweat it out in the gym or hit the pavement to explore the area around your accommodation. This will have the added benefit of exposing your eyes to natural sunlight to help you adjust. Our tip – stay close to the city’s central river or body of water for a gorgeous morning walk or run.
  5. Sip a calming tea for any mid-night insomnia.
    If you still finding yourself waking up in the middle of the night, then a calming chamomile tea just before bed or in the middle of the night can help lull you into a deep and refreshing sleep. A kettle is a must in corporate accommodation – and a fully equipped kitchen is even better!

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