Advantages of Long Term Accommodation over Renting

Find privacy, security and serenity at Punthill Serviced Apartments

Whether you’re a backpacker from across the country on a limited Working Visa, or a student staying in Melbourne for a semester or two, it doesn’t make sense to buy a house for the short time you will be here. Similarly, the travelling businessman or businesswoman who is always in and out of the country would much rather prefer somewhere they can call ‘home’ whilst they are away during long stays.

It is important to find a permanent address for the duration of your stay, however long it may be. Now, with Punthill, you can find quality serviced apartments at reasonable prices. Here are a few reasons why long term accommodation is the preferred option over renting:

  1. Job prospects: A permanent address looks much better on your resume than a hostel address would.
  2. Privacy: You do not need to share your facilities with anyone else. When you rent a room in a hostel, you are sharing the toilet, bathroom and kitchen with many other guests.
  3. Security: When you have your own long term accommodation, you can be secure in knowing you are the only one who enters your apartment.
  4. Peace and quiet: When you share with other people as you would in a hostel, you might be awakened early in the mornings, or late at night, due to the other guests’ lifestyles. This could interfere with your sleeping patterns.

Choose Punthill for long term accommodation over renting for everything you need during your visit to Melbourne. Not only are our apartments stylish and spacious, they are also conveniently located close to public transport so you’re never too far away from the action.

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