Activities to Make One Memorable Melbourne Day Celebration

On Thursday 30th of August 2018, Melbourne will celebrate 183 since the city’s founding on a day aptly named Melbourne Day. Melbourne residents old and new will come together to remember the day the first European settlers docked the Enterprize on the North Bank of the Yarra River in 1835.

So how will you be celebrating this year? Here are some ideas on how to make Melbourne Day 2018 your best one yet.


Host A Barbie

What better way to celebrate an Australian city than to do what Aussies do best? Get your nearest and dearest round to your garden and enjoy some sausage sizzle! Celebrate all things Aussie buy stuffing yourself with Anzac Biscuits, TimTams, Pavlova and some VB if you’re old enough!

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Head To The Festival

Although the official events haven’t been announced by the Melbourne Day Committee yet, you can bet that the city will put on a fantastic free concert just like last year’s ‘Rocking Melbourne 182’. Take in the atmosphere and enjoy a fun day of music and celebrations in the heart of the city.


Catch Up On History

Educate yourself and your kids on the history of this great city with a trip to a museum. Many will offer free exhibitions in honour of Melbourne Day. Remind yourself about the historical European settlers as well as honour the Aboriginal history of our wonderful home.


Watch The Flag Raising Ceremony

Who doesn’t love a bit of pomp and ceremony every now and again? Join your neighbours and Lord Mayor to see the raising of the Melbourne flag and commemorate this historical day in style.


Give Back To The Community

Give back this Melbourne Day by volunteering at your local homeless shelter. Celebrate everything that makes our city great by helping those in need.


Celebrate With Friends & Family

Whether you live in Melbourne or have moved away, celebrate Melbourne Day by coming together with your friends and family.

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