6 Ways to Make your Business Trips More Budget-Friendly

6 Ways to Make your Business Trips More Budget Friendly

Whether you’re part of a large company or a small start-up, there are always opportunities to cut your costs when it comes to business travel. From better timed flights to discounted serviced apartments in Melbourne and Brisbane, these six tips can help you save when you’re looking for ways to minimise expenses on your business trips.

  1. Fly with more flexibility
    If you have the option at all, there are certain dates and times that are cheaper to fly – both domestically and internationally. Early morning and evening flights on weekdays will always be in high demand, so flying outside these times can save you some serious cash. Generally, Tuesday and Wednesday will offer the best prices throughout the week.
  2. Make the most of frequent flyer programs
    If you’re not working with an airline to cut down your costs, then it could be worth considering. Virgin Australia has its Accelerate program for small to medium businesses spending up to $300,000 a year on travel, while Qantas Business offers rewards and discounts for regular business travellers. You’ll be able to save money, accumulate rewards and usually still receive personal frequent flyer points for each flight.
  3. Use a flight comparison site or a savvy travel agent
    Whether you have a corporate travel agent or are booking your own travel, there can be ways to cut costs with both without sacrificing travel comfort. Your travel agent can save you money by booking flights, car hire and other costs as a package deal, and if you’re booking for yourself then flight comparison sites like Skyscanner can be invaluable to ensure you’re choosing an affordable flight.
  4. Learn to love carry on
    Check-in baggage can often cost you extra with certain airlines, and in addition you’ll have to wait at the baggage carousel when you could be on your way to the city. Skip the check-in wherever possible, and you’ll have an easier time for your entire business trip. Carry on can be more than enough space for one or two nights away if you can pack smart.
  5. Be savvy about hire cars
    If you are hiring a car for your business trip then costs can quickly escalate – hotels in particular love to charge exorbitant rates for secure parking. By choosing the right accommodation you can find affordable or even free onsite parking. Another way to save on your hire car costs is to fill up the tank before you return it, rather than pay through the nose to have the hire company do it for you.
  6. Book Melbourne and Brisbane city accommodation through our Corporate Travel Program
    It makes sense to use an accommodation provider that offers comfortable, modern stays with great pricing if you and your team are in the city regularly. Punthill Apartment Hotels offer discounted business travel stays through our Corporate Travel Program, which provides lower rates on all 13 of our serviced Brisbane and Melbourne accommodation apartments. Travel smart and enjoy spacious and stylish stays in the city, every time.