5 Tips on Making Your Business Trip More Comfortable

While business travel can be exciting and productive, one thing it definitely isn’t known for is being relaxing! Here are five easy ways to improve your comfort on your next work trip, from bringing the essentials to booking short or long term accommodation in Melbourne or Brisbane.


Bring the essentials for an easy flight

A few simple additions to your carry-on bag can make all the difference on long layovers. Be sure to throw in some noise cancelling headphones, an eye mask and an inflatable neck pillow to help you catch some shut-eye – and beat any jet lag before it has a chance to take hold. A water bottle is also a must so you can stay hydrated before and during your flight.


Pack a pair of slippers

It may seem an odd thing to include, but a pair of slippers can be a blessing both on the plane and at your destination when travelling for work. You’ll be able to slip off your shoes and relax in comfort on your flight rather than shuffle around in only socks. Then, once you reach your accommodation you’ll be able to settle right in as if you were at home. It’s such a small thing, but slippers can make a huge difference.


Invest in metal-free accessories

There are few more uncomfortable feelings than standing at the airport security line sans belt, shoes and watch as they slowly pass through the x-ray machine. If you fly often for work, look for accessories that are made from security-friendly materials so you can cut down on wasted time. Plastic or non-magnetic materials such as brass, copper and aluminium can provide low-stress options.


Wear comfortable clothing

Flying has long been an occasion for which people get out their finest threads, but that doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable on your business trip. Opt for loose or stretchy pants or skirts that will allow you freedom of movement on your flight, and then add a more formal touch with accessories such as a tailored jacket or a structured top before your meetings start. Silk, cotton and other breathable fabrics are best!


Book a well-equipped hotel or apartment

The final tip for making your work journey as comfortable as possible is to book the right type of accommodation. Forego the usual stuffy or outdated hotel room – instead, look to a spacious apartment with a modern kitchen area, separate living area and high speed Wi-Fi so you can relax with some snacks and Netflix after your meetings are over. At Punthill Apartment Hotels, you can obtain special pricing on short and long term accommodation in Brisbane or Melbourne through our Corporate Travel Program.


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