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Little Collins Street

Learn the history of Melbourne’s best-known street Running approximately east to west, and exactly one mile in length is the most famous street in Melbourne – Little Collins Street. Named in the early 19th century after Lieutenant-Governor David Collins who led a group of settlers in a short-lived settlement at Sorrento, Little Collins Street is […]

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Mirage Project [iceberg]

Is it cold enough for you at Federation Square? Melbourne has recently experienced a severe case of frostbite as it makes way for the Mirage Project [iceberg] at Federation Square. Following his seven weeks expedition to the icy continent of Antarctica, Visual Artist David Burrows was moved to share the beauty of icebergs with the […]

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Bon Appetit! A Culinary History of Victoria

Eat your heart out at the latest food festival Gusto! is the latest presentation at the State Library and invites all ages to come and appreciate the rich culinary history of Victoria. Free of charge, you can view a range of delights that will tantalise the tastebuds – from the first Australian cookbook, which was […]

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Visit Chinatown for the Best of Asian Cuisine in Melbourne

Enjoy the aromatic flavours and excellent tastes of Asia From Asian grocery stores, Chinese medicine and herbalist centres, bookstores, and fashion boutiques, Melbourne’s Chinatown also hosts a myriad of authentic cuisines such as Thai, Japanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, and Contemporary European and Australian dishes. No matter what your appetite, there’s always fresh and healthy food around […]

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Melbourne Art Fair: 1-5 August 2012

Be inspired by some of the greatest artworks on display in Melbourne Whether you’re an art connoisseur or someone who merely has an appreciation for art, there’s only one place to go this August and it’s straight to the Melbourne Art Fair. This biennial event features paintings, sculptures, photography, installation and multimedia art work of […]

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Melbourne: The Home of Cakes and Pastries

Eat your heart out in the culture capital of this great city When it comes to wining and dining, there aren’t many places in the world that do it better than Melbourne. Pull up a chair this winter and immerse yourself in Italian, French, Asian and Australian cuisine that is sure to warm the cockles […]

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Visit Chadstone Shopping Centre for some Great Shopping

The Fashion Capital of Melbourne awaits! Travellers from all around the world come to Melbourne for a much-needed holiday. Not only is this great city host to many events all year round, fine dining, amazing nightlife, and an all-round busy atmosphere, it is also home to the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere known […]

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Federation Square: What’s Happening in the Heart of Melbourne

Things to see and do in the city’s hottest precinct One of the most visited tourist attractions in Victoria, Federation Square is constantly buzzing with a unique atmosphere that can only be experienced. This cultural precinct is a great place to hang out and watch all the action, take a tour, catch a cruise, wine […]

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Tips for Corporate Travellers

Be a savvy traveller with these great guidelines for finding accommodation When you’re away from home a lot for business, there are a few things you look for when it comes to accommodation: first, it’s all about location – you need to be close to the city’s tourist attractions, restaurants and nightlife. Then, you don’t […]

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